About us

At Blackfort, we highly value the individual skills of each of our team members. The combination of all individual competences allows us to solve our clients’ most complex investment challenges.

Our value proposition is based on four pillars

Steady Return Generation

By focusing on steady return generation across different market environments, we provide additional sources of income to our investors.

Capital Protection

Blackfort Asset Management Solutions are designed to preserve wealth over generations by minimizing potential risks.

High Accessibility

Blackfort has a focus on liquid investments. Therefore, your assets are easily accessible, whenever you need them.


In a constantly changing environment, the status quo must be challenged. Our clients profit from cutting-edge investment innovations.

Contact us

Blackfort Investment Partners AG
Talstrasse 61, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 585 7881
Email: [email protected]

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